Mother and Domestic Bliss…..for once!

Dear Journal, 

So today has been a VERY good day! I have felt good in myself and my weight loss is going well too. Since I started my meal replacements I have lost 5 pounds, so hoping with a bit more walking and going down the gym I will get to my target that happens to be in 12 days. I have been out on a limb today and done some things I wouldn’t normally do.

Something I have found really tiring! So hard to just push it out with your hand to make a flat surface. DAMN THING. Plus i didn’t know how to make it so Google has been a dab hand at that! However Lilith-Rose LOVED playing with it. I got some cookie cutters out to make shapes and she was pressing them in then letting my put them onto a baking tray. She was really happy which was lovely to see and it’s something she loves doing at daycare too.

2. Domestic things. 
Normally i’m too tired or grumpy to be doing housework, plus there is 4 adults so I would normally let everyone else do it. Today. however, no. I have done the washing up, tidying up and washing. It is such a small thing but trust me when there is 5 people living in a house together it all mounts up. So that is something I am proud of myself for today too.

My little sister is the master baker of the household, she can do anything baking wise! I cannot bake, normally but today has proved me different. I managed to make some oatmeal and raisin cookies today! They taste good and are nice and soft so that Lilith-Rose can enjoy them. I baked them whilst Lilith was having a nap this afternoon. I found a really easy recipe to follow and it actually worked! If you want to know how the link is HERE.
20140226_150411 20140226_143313

After all the being abnormal today, i have had my normalities such as Disney Junior being on the television and keeping a track on my step count over the day too. I love the fact that my little princess LOVES Disney. True, so far her fave characters are Aladdin and Mickey Mouse but she just always goes to my DVD collection and picks something out. So todays movie choices where……………
20140226_111243 GOOD CHOICE!

I have also done a total of 7642 steps today, which may seem rubbish to those whom walk over 10,000 a day but I’m a mum and I am a bit terrified of going outside sometimes. SO this is really good for me. I’m pleased with it plus i have had my two meal replacements for lunch and dinner! I only had one cookie but they are healthier than choc chip or peanut butter ones that I was going to do originally. Plus I didn’t feel like breakfast which I know is bad, but i did have 3 cups of tea with ONE sugar. Improvement on the normal 2 per cup.

Happy Happy.

Write soon.

Amy xoxox


Just another day off….

Dear Journal,
Whilst I wait for the government to ponder over my birth certificate and eventually send it to me, I find myself with a lot of “days off” because i’m only working a few hours a week at my current job. I want to do things with Lilith-Rose, but weather has been a right bitch the past 3 weeks with the wind and flooding, so I find us both stuck indoors playing.


Today, however, we decided to venture into town because Grandad was going to the post office, so it was a chance for some fresh air and to get my beloved a few valentines bits and bobs. This seemed like a good idea at 11am when we told Grandad we wanted to go too….12pm came and we left for town, not so good an idea….the heavens opened. TYPICAL. Lilith-Rose was fine all tucked up in her jacket and hoody, me wrapped in a leather jacket and scarf. Now when we go out Lilith-Rose doesn’t like wearing a hood or hat and likes to walk herself. So we got SOAKING. Hats off to her though she walked a lot and didn’t want cuddles which was nice.


After a lovely venture into town we got back and had some lunch to then nap for about an hour and a half. Nice little naps, makes me feel small again when I nap with Lilith in the afternoon. Plus i’m in a better mood because of it. We then proceeded to watch Monsters INC and she watched the whole of it which was impressive. She loves Disney so much it is so adorable and i am a huge Disney fan which makes it more magical. Aunty Holly isn’t well so she joined us watching films and tv this afternoon which was nice and Lilith played a few games with her and was very noisy. Lilith is just the complete world to Holly (my sister) and its so lovely to watch her with Lilith.


Lilith is now going down at night really well. In bed at 7pm with no crying and no noise. She doesn’t normally wake until about 2am when I go up to bed and then she just wants a dummy or a drink. I have had such a nice day with her today. Now for a nice chilled night watching Mike and Molly with Holly then a hot bath and a movie to settle me down.

Write soon.

Amy xoxo