I WILL LOSE my “mummy tummy”

Dear Journal, 

Today is a day of realisation for me. After having a good start at going to the gym in January, it has now become non-existent due to me not being motivated and feeling ugly. So now it is time to kick my ass into gear and get back to the gym and increase a healthy eating plan. Being a mum is not the easiest thing in the world, its a learning curve everyday of a mother and child’s life. However, one thing I got told before and after I had given birth to my daughter was “MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF”. So this is what I need to do. 

I am currently the biggest I have ever been (Apart from pregnancy) and 19 months later, like any woman I am not happy with my body at all. I have lumpy and bumpy bits along with wibbly wobbly bits. I am missing my pre-pregnancy weight and body. I have never been a “skinny” person and have always had a bit of extra chub.

Current weight: 166 pounds
Goal weight: 115 pounds
This goal is attainable over time and I do not expect to lose it quickly. Hopefully by the time Christmas comes I can be that weight. Over the coming weeks I will post about my loss, emotions and exercise routines. I am lucky at the moment I am only working one shift a week so I have spare time on my hands. I aim to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I walk everywhere because I don’t drive so i will update my steps for the day too. 

Need to see if I can get down the gym this afternoon. Feeling an afternoon of cardio with the treadmills, cross trainers and bikes. One big benefit to exercising regularly is that it will help my asthma so I can run for longer and do things. I don’t want to let my weight consume me because it will hinder my daughters life in the future. So if I can get a grasp on it now we will both feel and see the benefits.  

TARGET ONE: Lose 10 pounds by 10th of MARCH. (4 weeks)

If anyone is a mummy themselves looking for a chat buddy to help and do things together then please comment 🙂 OR if you are a mummy and have lost weight or done something similar to what I plan then please comment with some tips and tricks or motivation. It would be much appreciated.  


Amy xoxox