6 Days to go!

Dear Journal,

Sorry I haven’t written in a long time (or what feels like a long time) i have been really busy and had a lot on my plate to contend with. So here is the update…..

Saturday 1st March:
Me & Lilith-Rose played with her Megablocks and yes, i probably had more fun than she did even though my mind isn’t that creatively inclined when it comes to building. She had loads of fun though and kept going “mummy do it, mummy do it”.

20140227_105537 20140227_110455 20140227_110222 20140227_105522 20140227_105528

Sunday 2nd March:
Had such a lovely day today. I could not be more loved up with Steve than right now. He had his Sunday free so he popped over to see me and Lilith-Rose. We took the day out for just us 3 which was fantastic. Went to see Nanny Wright and she had a ball seeing us. It always brightens her day seeing us. Lilith-Rose chased Dora (her cat) about the house and kept talking to her which was adorable. We then ventured to Steve’s suprise for the both of us which was a trip to “Jolly Rogers” in Swindon. HAD A BLAST! Lilith had loads of fun and it was really nice to just get out the 3 of us and enjoy having time with Lilith and playing with her in the ball pits and on the slide. I may think I had more fun than Lilith-Rose did. However, EVIL CHILDREN, attacked me with balls throwing them at me and then Lilith joined in! haha cheeky girl.

Today has been awesome. Finally got my birth certificate through so I can start my new job soon which will be really beneficial. I am working with 2-3 year olds which is a bonus because then I will know what i’m doing with Lilith when she is that age. I am really excited about starting and getting on with it. Been to the gym today! awesome session and it actually felt really good and not like a chore, like it normally does. I have also started eating better too which is making me feel more positive and energised. I am also using “Maxitone Sculptress” protein shakes to have as a snack or after a workout to help my muscle re-growth.


Calorie intake for the day: 1139 of which 65% are fruit and veg.
Gym session:
Treadmill 20 mins walking 6.7kmph
distance: 2.48
Cycling 20 minutes
122 cals burned, distance 12.0
Rowing Machine, 10 minutes
95 Cals burned
1842 meters rowed
Treadmill 10 minutes
Jog 8.0 5 minutes, walk 5.0 5 minutes
Distance 1.06

Total of :602 calories burned! YEY!

Step count for today also is 3646

EXTATIC with myself today. It has been such a good day. I am using an app called “Noom Coach”, if you are trying to lose weight then it is really helpful. Gives you little bits to read, records your eating and uses a colour coded system when your food intake is added. It is free to download so give it a go! I’m finding it really helpful…..6 days to go until weigh in. 10 pounds here I come!

Amy xoxo

Mother and Domestic Bliss…..for once!

Dear Journal, 

So today has been a VERY good day! I have felt good in myself and my weight loss is going well too. Since I started my meal replacements I have lost 5 pounds, so hoping with a bit more walking and going down the gym I will get to my target that happens to be in 12 days. I have been out on a limb today and done some things I wouldn’t normally do.

Something I have found really tiring! So hard to just push it out with your hand to make a flat surface. DAMN THING. Plus i didn’t know how to make it so Google has been a dab hand at that! However Lilith-Rose LOVED playing with it. I got some cookie cutters out to make shapes and she was pressing them in then letting my put them onto a baking tray. She was really happy which was lovely to see and it’s something she loves doing at daycare too.

2. Domestic things. 
Normally i’m too tired or grumpy to be doing housework, plus there is 4 adults so I would normally let everyone else do it. Today. however, no. I have done the washing up, tidying up and washing. It is such a small thing but trust me when there is 5 people living in a house together it all mounts up. So that is something I am proud of myself for today too.

My little sister is the master baker of the household, she can do anything baking wise! I cannot bake, normally but today has proved me different. I managed to make some oatmeal and raisin cookies today! They taste good and are nice and soft so that Lilith-Rose can enjoy them. I baked them whilst Lilith was having a nap this afternoon. I found a really easy recipe to follow and it actually worked! If you want to know how the link is HERE.
20140226_150411 20140226_143313

After all the being abnormal today, i have had my normalities such as Disney Junior being on the television and keeping a track on my step count over the day too. I love the fact that my little princess LOVES Disney. True, so far her fave characters are Aladdin and Mickey Mouse but she just always goes to my DVD collection and picks something out. So todays movie choices where……………
20140226_111243 GOOD CHOICE!

I have also done a total of 7642 steps today, which may seem rubbish to those whom walk over 10,000 a day but I’m a mum and I am a bit terrified of going outside sometimes. SO this is really good for me. I’m pleased with it plus i have had my two meal replacements for lunch and dinner! I only had one cookie but they are healthier than choc chip or peanut butter ones that I was going to do originally. Plus I didn’t feel like breakfast which I know is bad, but i did have 3 cups of tea with ONE sugar. Improvement on the normal 2 per cup.

Happy Happy.

Write soon.

Amy xoxox


16 Days to go….

Dear Journal, 

16 days to go until I weigh in and hopefully have lost 10 pounds. I’m currently not hopeful of it, mainly because today I have devoured a McDonalds. NOT GOOD. However I have been feeling a bit crappy and junk food was just what I needed…..no excuse though. haha. 

Went to the hospital this morning so that Lilith-Rose would get some antibiotics, so that she can get rid of this awful chest infection that she has. Then off to Tesco to grab it and whilst we went round the supermarket I managed to pick up some DIETING shakes and snacks. Something I NEVER normally would do, however I would like to give it a go and i don’t like slimfast, plus a few friends thought it was rubbish. So good old Tesco have got their own brand of slimming products. I brought 3 lots of shakes (10 sachets in each) and 3 lots of Crisp snacks which only cost me £11 (on offer). Like any other Dieting thing it is a meal replacement so I will be having two shakes a day, one from breakfast and another for tea. Snacks will be half the packet of Crisps so that it last me a little longer. 


I haven’t bothered with slimming aids because they are all REALLY expensive, and me being a mum, doesn’t have that much money to spend on myself. For instants there is a teatox that I want to try, however to get it all over here for a months supply it costs me something like £60, no thanks. I cannot justify that just to make me slim. Plus I have a gym membership so as I have a weeks holiday I will be making the most of it and maybe even take up an evening class one day to keep me on track if I don’t go to the gym in the daytime. 


SO when my weigh in comes along if the slimming aids work I will be letting you know 🙂 Lets strive for that 10 pound loss. Oh and i’m also cooking tea tonight for myself, boyfriend and sister, Fajitas, yes its easy but I burn toast. Fingers crossed I don’t poison them! Have a lovely day, you are beautiful.Image


Amy xoxox

Day 1.

Dear Journal, 

Today so far has been a pretty awesome day for me. Dad allowed me a lay-in this morning and got Lilith-Rose up for me which was lovely. Got dressed and was greeted by her little self going “come on mummy” beckoning me to take her downstairs, holding her little arms in the air hoping I would pick her up. She’s too cute! Proceeded to play with her and sorting her wooden shapes into their prospective slots on the wooden board. She is very good at it, I would hand her a shape, tell her what it was, she would copy what I had said and then popped it in the right place. My daughter just lights up my life with moments like that this morning. Gave her some spag bol for lunch which she devoured, a yoghurt and a biscuit. She ate the whole lot! 

I then got her ready for daycare, changed her bum and did her hair. She loves it when I pop her hair in pigtails, of course she has to be the one to brush her hair then brush mine before I can even start to gather her hair into a bunch. She is very independent, just like her mummy at that age! So off to daycare we drove and she went in no problem. She loves going now, to play with all her friends and enjoy the time she gets to interact with other children and have some social eating time too. They create a “journal” of things that Lilith-Rose does whilst she is there and take photos and write little things which is lovely and I get her daily report which is always fantastic and gives me a little incite as to what she is like away from mummy. 

So while Lilith-Rose has been at daycare this afternoon I went off to the gym after holly cooked a gorgeous chicken salad. I have to say eating wise today has been pretty good. 2 slices of toast with jam, chicken salad and a protein bar. Gym today was really quiet (no surprise) which was nice, just popped on my tunes and got on with my workout. I didn’t want to overwork myself today so I took it easy and just did some cardio on the treadmill and stationary bikes. 

(treadmill) 17 min run @ 8.0kmph
5 min walk at 6.0kmph
5 minute cool down
(stationary bike) 20 minute cycle
5 minute cool down
Total distance for today: 9.4 kilometers (5 miles)
Plus 20 mins walking to and from the gym.

Feeling really good about that so i’m going to eat well tonight and then drink tea or juice to keep me from snacking. 
All in all it has been a really nice day today. One flew over the cuckoos nest came in the post today too, SCORE! Absolutely love that movie so I think ill be watching that tonight. Plus i’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns which is AWESOME and I am slowly becoming addicted to it. Well done Square Enix. Such a good game so far and I have completely fell inlove with Lightning again and what her mission is for this game. The return of old characters too and outfits that are very impressive that I have gotten as extra DLC. Seriously, if you do not have the game and have played any of the Final Fantasy series before, GET IT. I would highly recommend it. 


Off for a smoke and then to pick Lilith-Rose up from daycare. 


Amy xoxo

I WILL LOSE my “mummy tummy”

Dear Journal, 

Today is a day of realisation for me. After having a good start at going to the gym in January, it has now become non-existent due to me not being motivated and feeling ugly. So now it is time to kick my ass into gear and get back to the gym and increase a healthy eating plan. Being a mum is not the easiest thing in the world, its a learning curve everyday of a mother and child’s life. However, one thing I got told before and after I had given birth to my daughter was “MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF”. So this is what I need to do. 

I am currently the biggest I have ever been (Apart from pregnancy) and 19 months later, like any woman I am not happy with my body at all. I have lumpy and bumpy bits along with wibbly wobbly bits. I am missing my pre-pregnancy weight and body. I have never been a “skinny” person and have always had a bit of extra chub.

Current weight: 166 pounds
Goal weight: 115 pounds
This goal is attainable over time and I do not expect to lose it quickly. Hopefully by the time Christmas comes I can be that weight. Over the coming weeks I will post about my loss, emotions and exercise routines. I am lucky at the moment I am only working one shift a week so I have spare time on my hands. I aim to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and I walk everywhere because I don’t drive so i will update my steps for the day too. 

Need to see if I can get down the gym this afternoon. Feeling an afternoon of cardio with the treadmills, cross trainers and bikes. One big benefit to exercising regularly is that it will help my asthma so I can run for longer and do things. I don’t want to let my weight consume me because it will hinder my daughters life in the future. So if I can get a grasp on it now we will both feel and see the benefits.  

TARGET ONE: Lose 10 pounds by 10th of MARCH. (4 weeks)

If anyone is a mummy themselves looking for a chat buddy to help and do things together then please comment 🙂 OR if you are a mummy and have lost weight or done something similar to what I plan then please comment with some tips and tricks or motivation. It would be much appreciated.  


Amy xoxox