Day 1.

Dear Journal, 

Today so far has been a pretty awesome day for me. Dad allowed me a lay-in this morning and got Lilith-Rose up for me which was lovely. Got dressed and was greeted by her little self going “come on mummy” beckoning me to take her downstairs, holding her little arms in the air hoping I would pick her up. She’s too cute! Proceeded to play with her and sorting her wooden shapes into their prospective slots on the wooden board. She is very good at it, I would hand her a shape, tell her what it was, she would copy what I had said and then popped it in the right place. My daughter just lights up my life with moments like that this morning. Gave her some spag bol for lunch which she devoured, a yoghurt and a biscuit. She ate the whole lot! 

I then got her ready for daycare, changed her bum and did her hair. She loves it when I pop her hair in pigtails, of course she has to be the one to brush her hair then brush mine before I can even start to gather her hair into a bunch. She is very independent, just like her mummy at that age! So off to daycare we drove and she went in no problem. She loves going now, to play with all her friends and enjoy the time she gets to interact with other children and have some social eating time too. They create a “journal” of things that Lilith-Rose does whilst she is there and take photos and write little things which is lovely and I get her daily report which is always fantastic and gives me a little incite as to what she is like away from mummy. 

So while Lilith-Rose has been at daycare this afternoon I went off to the gym after holly cooked a gorgeous chicken salad. I have to say eating wise today has been pretty good. 2 slices of toast with jam, chicken salad and a protein bar. Gym today was really quiet (no surprise) which was nice, just popped on my tunes and got on with my workout. I didn’t want to overwork myself today so I took it easy and just did some cardio on the treadmill and stationary bikes. 

(treadmill) 17 min run @ 8.0kmph
5 min walk at 6.0kmph
5 minute cool down
(stationary bike) 20 minute cycle
5 minute cool down
Total distance for today: 9.4 kilometers (5 miles)
Plus 20 mins walking to and from the gym.

Feeling really good about that so i’m going to eat well tonight and then drink tea or juice to keep me from snacking. 
All in all it has been a really nice day today. One flew over the cuckoos nest came in the post today too, SCORE! Absolutely love that movie so I think ill be watching that tonight. Plus i’ve been playing Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns which is AWESOME and I am slowly becoming addicted to it. Well done Square Enix. Such a good game so far and I have completely fell inlove with Lightning again and what her mission is for this game. The return of old characters too and outfits that are very impressive that I have gotten as extra DLC. Seriously, if you do not have the game and have played any of the Final Fantasy series before, GET IT. I would highly recommend it. 


Off for a smoke and then to pick Lilith-Rose up from daycare. 


Amy xoxo

Daily Prompt Feb 2014

Daily Prompt: Money for Nothing

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.


So looking at my feed I saw this post and we are always talking about this type of thing when I am at work. So here goes…..

My ultimate job would be to help progress, create and develop the video game industry, be it games themselves,concept art, story lines, 3D modelling, probelm solving, games reviewing, game testing, digital content or consoles. Anything in the gaming industry to get “hands on” with any of the companies that create games. I have a HUGE passion for gaming and everything to do with gaming, from retro consoles to current gen xbox one and ps4. I work at GAME as a sales assistant and I love selling games to customers and giving advice to those who are stuck and it has just driven me more towards wanting to be in the industry.
I am currently an xbox 360 gamer but have had playstation, nintendo and steam for years. I love all types of games, mainly RPG and FPS (first person shooters) if I had to choose.


My life at the moment obstructs me from allowing myself to achieve this dream job, however, in the future I hope to pursue my dream.


My new outlook on life.

Hi everyone, I’m Amy!

I have previously blogged and have found that the blog just lost its meaning, which is why i am starting this one. I now have a stable enough concept and drive to continue with this blog and to hope that a lot of people come to love what I read about and I hope I can gain followers and friends from this.

It’s 2014 and I can honestly say that I am a changed woman. I have a beautiful daughter who is 19 months old and growing up far too quickly. I have a supportive family network around me and a wonderful partner of whom I am completely happy with.

This blog will be in the form of a journal. I will be logging my activities, emotions, photos, videos and inspirations over the coming months. I have created a few little pages for you to take a look at and hopefully I will gain follwers and have an active blogging site to keep coming back to and continue to write.

Write Again Soon,

Amy. x

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