Money Saving…..

Hello All,

LONGGGGGG time I have not been on here. Mainly due to starting working life and spending time with my little one and my partner.

I have now become very wary of money and how much things cost. I have just gotten onto the “coupon” bandwagon. I am printing coupons (UK) to save money where and when I can. This has become pretty handy as there are a few select couponing pages that i regularly look at on facebook and get some very good deals and money saving tips.


UK Extreme Couponing and Freebies

Coupon Mama UK

I am finding these really helpful. I am also looking at doing product reviews for companies which will bring me samples of products!

I am very excited to be beginning this journey to saving money and maybe helping some people out too!


My new outlook on life.

Hi everyone, I’m Amy!

I have previously blogged and have found that the blog just lost its meaning, which is why i am starting this one. I now have a stable enough concept and drive to continue with this blog and to hope that a lot of people come to love what I read about and I hope I can gain followers and friends from this.

It’s 2014 and I can honestly say that I am a changed woman. I have a beautiful daughter who is 19 months old and growing up far too quickly. I have a supportive family network around me and a wonderful partner of whom I am completely happy with.

This blog will be in the form of a journal. I will be logging my activities, emotions, photos, videos and inspirations over the coming months. I have created a few little pages for you to take a look at and hopefully I will gain follwers and have an active blogging site to keep coming back to and continue to write.

Write Again Soon,

Amy. x

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