16 Days to go….

Dear Journal, 

16 days to go until I weigh in and hopefully have lost 10 pounds. I’m currently not hopeful of it, mainly because today I have devoured a McDonalds. NOT GOOD. However I have been feeling a bit crappy and junk food was just what I needed…..no excuse though. haha. 

Went to the hospital this morning so that Lilith-Rose would get some antibiotics, so that she can get rid of this awful chest infection that she has. Then off to Tesco to grab it and whilst we went round the supermarket I managed to pick up some DIETING shakes and snacks. Something I NEVER normally would do, however I would like to give it a go and i don’t like slimfast, plus a few friends thought it was rubbish. So good old Tesco have got their own brand of slimming products. I brought 3 lots of shakes (10 sachets in each) and 3 lots of Crisp snacks which only cost me £11 (on offer). Like any other Dieting thing it is a meal replacement so I will be having two shakes a day, one from breakfast and another for tea. Snacks will be half the packet of Crisps so that it last me a little longer. 


I haven’t bothered with slimming aids because they are all REALLY expensive, and me being a mum, doesn’t have that much money to spend on myself. For instants there is a teatox that I want to try, however to get it all over here for a months supply it costs me something like £60, no thanks. I cannot justify that just to make me slim. Plus I have a gym membership so as I have a weeks holiday I will be making the most of it and maybe even take up an evening class one day to keep me on track if I don’t go to the gym in the daytime. 


SO when my weigh in comes along if the slimming aids work I will be letting you know 🙂 Lets strive for that 10 pound loss. Oh and i’m also cooking tea tonight for myself, boyfriend and sister, Fajitas, yes its easy but I burn toast. Fingers crossed I don’t poison them! Have a lovely day, you are beautiful.Image


Amy xoxox


One thought on “16 Days to go….

  1. Hi Amy,

    Don’t stress about weight loss supplements. Best is to make due with what you have. Next time you’re at the grocery stock up on green, black (oolong), and dandelion tea. Grab some lemons as well. Sip on tea with lemon throughout the day. Get rid of the “slimming” snacks, they really aren’t healthful and are just very processed and filled with fake sugars. Instead grab healthy and filling snacks, veggies with hummus, 1/2 avocado, handful of unsalted raw nuts.

    Be sure to eat breakfast, and make sure it has protein like eggs, not cereals.
    Lunches make a big salad, and dinner have a lean protein with veggies.

    Try to keep your grain and carb intake down to 1-2 servings a day, preferrably at breakfast and a snack.

    Drink a ton of tea & water (no sugar) with lemon.

    If you do want to try a teatox, I love Swami Mami Teas and they give 15% off coupons for returning customers, but I’m sure you can use mine (SwamiGift15) at checkout. S&H outside the US is $26.75. (http://swamimamiteas.com)


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